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The Brand

Armor-lux is today a brand recognized for the quality of its clothing and its commitments to employment and the environment.

Founded in 1938 in Quimper, Armor-lux defends exceptional know-how in the manufacturing of quality clothing. More than a brand, Armor-lux today symbolizes an art of living in Brittany, marine-inspired collections, authentic clothing as well as strong commitments in terms of preserving employment, health and safety. ‘environment.

Armor-lux clothing is now available throughout the country thanks to a network of more than 100 stores and a rapidly developing e-commerce site. 15-1 Diffusion proposed to Armor-lux to innovate and expand its offering by launching a range of unique glasses, made in France and made with recycled fishing nets collected in Brittany, where the brand defends knowledge -making an exception for over 85 years.

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Recycling fishing nets is part of an approach to protecting the oceans

The tools used by fishermen have a harmful effect on the marine ecosystem, including ghost nets. These nets abandoned or lost in the seas impact coral reefs which are exposed to diseases and sometimes broken. In addition, these materials are made from plastic derivatives which contribute to microplastic pollution in the oceans. “Between 600 and 800 tonnes of waste are abandoned each year on the French coast, almost half of which ends up on the Breton coasts. 40% of this marine waste is fishing nets”, underlines Yann Louboutin, designer of Fil & products. Fab, Brest start-up, partner of the operation.

Fil&Fab was created in 2015 in Brest by three young designers who developed the first French fishing net recycling sector. Crushed, the fillets are remelted to be transformed into balls, which can be injected into molds to make other objects.

A 5-step

creation process

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Step 1

Recovery of used port fishing nets by Fil&Fab

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Step 2

Sorting, dismantling, separation of the different layers of nets by a social integration company

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Step 3

Granulation: Fine grinding and manufacturing of plastic pellets from Fil&Fab

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Step 4

Artistic creation by Frédéric Beausoleil

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Step 5

Manufacturing of injected glasses in France